Creative Counselling

mental health recovery is possible

Welcome to Creative Counselling!

I trust that you can find most of the information you need right here. At Creative Counselling, I provide professional holistic counselling with its main focus being on mental health recovery from loss, trauma, suicide, poly pharmacy, over-medication and side-effects when diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia and otherwise non-specified psychosis. Together we can explore the challenges, opportunities and alternatives to or in addition to traditional mental health approaches.

During our confidential one-on-one, couple or family sessions, I hold a safe space for you and possibly your loved-one(s) to express what most concerns you. We will discuss evidence-based and creative approaches that can offer solutions to your mental health challenges in an empowered way. 

You will be invited to discover the interrelationship between the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of a person's whole being that need nurturing in order to move towards balance, healing and recovery.

Based on a variety of different therapeutic and hands-on approaches you can choose from, you and/or your loved one(s) will be given the tools and skills to engage in conscious self-care, and develop an authentic and loving relationship with yourself and others.


It is my intention, that with my gentle guidance, you will be able to gain new knowledge, skills and resources that will bring you health, peace and joy.