Creative Counselling

from chaos to clarity through body, mind and spirit connection

At Creative Counselling, I provide holistic, effective and affordable services with the highest level of professionalism.

As a Registered Social Worker with the BC College of Social Workers, I am accountable to you on the basis of the Code of Ethics of my social work profession and the Standards set by the College.

I have over 40 years of experience assisting adults, children, youth and families with a variety of life challenges, including childhood trauma, relationships, domestic and sexual violence, gender identity, sexuality, suicide, loss, grief, eating disorders, addictions, mental health issues, life transitions, aging and spirituality.

Together, we can focus on you as a whole person through the safe exploration of all your thoughts and emotions with unconditional acceptance and compassion by tapping into your higher knowledge and inner truth; moving from chaos to clarity.

Whether you are a survivor, caregiver or seeker, we can draw from my large tool box of wellness approaches during our sessions and they include Compassionate Communication (NVC), Tapping (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique), Co-Counselling for couples, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) for mental health recovery, mindfulness and I am-meditation, and expressive arts.

Expressive arts involve spontaneous visioning, art journalling, collaging, writing, drawing and painting to free deeper emotions and gain more self-awareness. This creative process can move you safely forward towards more clarity, balance and healing.