Creative Counselling

from chaos to clarity through body, mind and spirit connection

Customer Testimonials

"Susanne has a strong ethical core guided by values true to the social work code. She is a hardworking and self-aware professional who is dedicated, person-centered and compassionate towards all."

- Hazel Meredith, Executive Director, BC Schizophrenia Society, Victoria


"Susanne, thank you. Our talks were the right remedy for illuminating some dark places in my mind. You always held the space and encouraged me to embrace who I am."

- Client 


"Through my sessions with Susanne, I gained a clearer understanding of my partner's mental illness as well as my own self-care needs. She has lots of knowledge and big time empathy. Susanne is a super counsellor and kept me from divorcing my husband by giving us both hands-on skills. By learning and practicing Compassionate Communication right in her office, we improved our relationship despite of my husband's bi-polar disorder and our cultural differences. We are now happy and hopeful."

- Client